pulled lens cover of instax


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Feb 22, 2016
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i just got an instax wide 300. when pulling the close-up lens off, the whole lens cover came off. just lining it up and pressing back down does not seem to pop it back in place at the level of pressure i'm comfortable applying. any guidance would be appreciated.

figured it out. there's a little piece of plastic in the hole where the extension coming off of the lens-cover goes (to open the shades as the lens extends). you need to move the piece of plastic that's in the hole to the left with a little screwdriver, or anything else that will fit, so that it's out of the way. duh, but sure was pissing me off for a second.
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Whew...good thing you got it fixed! I gave you your first TPF "like" for ingenuity, stick-to-itiveness, and the ability to resist reaching for a hammer!
I was starting to read this and thinking, my best friend has an Instax Wide, now I won't have to ask her since you figured it out.

I gave you a Like for coming back and posting how it turned out (and promptly instead of posting a question and not coming back yet the thread runs on and on... lol).

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