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Jul 22, 2003
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Is it just me or does it seem like the majority of the posts here at the photo Forum have absolutely nothing to do with photography. Many threads go into huge off topic discussions losing sight of the original topic.
I also seem to be experiencing a lack of participation to my personal posts. I reply to other peoples threads usually before I'll go and check my own. When I do get to my original posts there seems to be only a couple generous people leave comments and replies. Are my photos and posts that uninteresting?
I feel awkward posting this and have never posted such a message before but am genuinely bugged by this.
I have a feeling that I'm about to get some replies now directing me to leave if I don't like it, quit whining or something along those lines.
I am merely posting this because I like this site and love to share my photos ideas and to help others when I can. Not that I believe I have a great deal to offer but offer what I can.
I am attracted to new communities such as this and be part of but unfortunately the "click" hasn't seemed to accept me.
Please, I don't want to come across as being overly sensitive but if I am then say so. If there is merrit to what I am saying or if others feel the same then also, say so.
I think it has to do with a couple of factors.

the site hasn't got much members (yet), although 450+ is a lot, but not all of them are posting too.

personally, I don't look at who wrote the topic, I just read it and
if I have something to reply, I'll post it.

I don't think it's something personal, I mean, not all my posts
get huge responds or anything.

So just post what you want to post and don't take it personal
if people don't respond or not many people respond.

Like I said, I don't look at who posted a topic, so I don't know
if there could be a reason for people not responding.

Just relax, read and post and enjoy the boards.

About the going off topic part: I noticed that too, but it doesn't bug me much. I've seen worse :)
I can see some of your points, and I don't think you are totally off base on them.

Posts going off topic is something I agree with, and I think a lot of that is related to a few people that have been around for quite some time now and have built up a basic friendship. They'll take any opportunity to have fun with the people they know and sometimes that means taking a post WAY off topic (I am guilty of this myself as well). I have mixed feelings on the topic, being that I want people to have fun, but I also want the focus to be on photography. All in all, I think we have a fair balance, but I understand your feelings.

I also believe the site has gone through a small growth spurt lately where the number of posts per day has increased quite a bit. I used to make a point of reading every topic and posting replies as often as possible, and lately I just haven't had the time to keep up. That may be another factor.

In any case, I'm happy to see you decided to speak up and I honestly hope we don't see any "if you don't like it, you can leave" type of responses.

Every last one of us has a different opinion on what is good or what makes something art over a snapshot. I, personally, am a horrible critic. I'll post if I think something is good or I like it. Otherwise I just keep my mouth shut.

Now as far as keeping things on topic, I think you are too sensative. The community here is laid back and not afraid to shoot the **** about things other than photography. Some communities are nothing but discussions regarding 1 subject. Others have a main subject that plays a minor roll in the overall posts. I think thephotoforum has a great balance of off-topic/on-topic posts. A lot of people have learned quite a bit here. And this place is still very new.

Don't worry about not getting much response when you post to the photo gallery. Like I said, everyone is different on their tastes.

edit: It was nice, however, that you were able to speak up. I'm not sure many will share that opinion.
I can see where you are coming from conk.
I have been visiting message forums for a long time and Im afraid that is basically the nature of them.
I guess Im a big culprit for taking things off task.
In my defence and the others who do it, I will say this, its building the community. I particularly wouldn't want to come here if there wasn't the friendly nature that is here. Sometimes yes threads are taken far too off the original subject, but its up to posters to perhaps get in there and post again on the topic at hand if it is bugging you.
Its how message boards go. People like to talk and that's how the friendships are built. Maybe I've got the wrong idea about the community here.

As far as the photo posting forum goes, as Chase said, there are many new posters arriving everyday and many people are posting lots of threads therefore making it hard for all of them to be read ASAP. I try to read and post my opinions in most of those threads because I think they are important. People come here for feedback. Its got nothing to do with who the poster is, I dont even remember who posted it most times. ive had threads sit there and one person has replied, we all want feedback but I guess there are lots of new people here now and its hard to reply to every thread.

As far as a "clique". This place doesn't have one at all. There are a couple of people who are friendly just because they've been here longer than others and they are so because they talk to each other about things other than just photography. I visit big boards where there are cliques and they can be quite nasty and horrible. This place is one of the friendliest Ive ever come across. The welcome forum is a big indication of that. Also the fact that I've not seen one nasty comment on this board yet, says a lot.

I apologise if I've done anything to make you feel this way. :(
my little 2 cents :)

me personally, i like the "off-topic" balance ... it adds a more friendlier atmosphere imo ... if things got too serious, i'd be gone in a New York minute :lol: ....

when i post, i dont look at the author either, if i can be helpful, i add to it, if i have nothing to add, then i dont add ... i answer questions to a lot of new people here as well, there is no priority with me :) ... i think there is a time for seriousness, but i dont see why humor cant be added in the mix
I'm very glad to see the response from the boards most common members. I really appreciate it.
I do not take much too personally. How can I when nobody here knows me.
Voodoo mentioned that he will not post critique sometimes because he doesn't feel he is a very good critique. I would encourage anyone who feels this way to add critique anyway. All critique is is an opinion about a photo of what you like and don't like about that photo. Honesty. Posting a photo for critique puts you on the spot for feedback that can be either positive or negative. If you don't want critique when you post in a critique forum then you have posted in the wrong forum.
Now as far as going off topic goes, I totally understand that all can't be 100% serious. If it were I wouldn't participate in such a forum. What I have seen is multiple pages in a topic that are off topic. After reading 2 pages of this I don't read a third.
I must add that using the term "click" was not likely a good choice of words. I apologize if I offended anyone. I suppose I need to understand that as a member at ADI and it being a relatively new site we too have a set of base members that have been there from the beginning. I'm not sure if people visit there feel the way I did here.
I will just continue posting as always and I hope nobody changes the way they respond to my posts. I am not looking for pats on the back but merely putting the way I see things on the table so-to-speak.
I enjoy everyone's company here and respect you all. Thanks for your time on this topic once again.
Yes the main reason is that there are not enough members indeed , i participate on a similar forum about music and there are about 5000 ( ithink , you can't see it on that site) people subscribed so i have to say what's nice is, is that when you post something about anything you want, in 5 minutes you get at least 10 responses and also i have to say the most of the posts are done in "off topic" zone, i even won a quiz with that site because i had to know an answer and i posted it and in 2 min i had the right answer.
Just give it some time, there are nice people in here and also the forum is at his beginning, so we'll wait and i am sure this is gonna be a succes....congrats to the makers of it indeed......
One negative point about a good working forum is there are a lot of "fights" on it too and that isn't that nice.....when you have an opinion with 10 people about something it is ok but when you have an opinion with 200 people...... some of them are more impulsive then others ......

I'll stay anyway participating and about Conk...... i think you are a positive gain in this forum i read most of your topics.....don't take it personally....
hey conk! i agree with you. but you have to take something into consideration...there are people on this board who might not know alot about photography yet, and in the process of cracking jokes, they are also learning. i think it works very well.

most fights on forums are because people have an opinion
and when the other doesn't agree the go mad instead
of respecting the other's opinion.

thankfully most people here explain their opinion
which you hardly see on forums that have loads of fights

and I agree a BIG GROUP HUG would be nice..... :) ladies...... ;)

Conk said:
Voodoo mentioned that he will not post critique sometimes because he doesn't feel he is a very good critique. I would encourage anyone who feels this way to add critique anyway. All critique is is an opinion about a photo of what you like and don't like about that photo. Honesty. Posting a photo for critique puts you on the spot for feedback that can be either positive or negative.

I do have to agree with this. I think there is a definite lack of constructive criticism most of the time in the photo gallery, and too much of "great shot". I have been avoiding posting replies because I feel like I would be the only one saying "I think your exposure is a little off" or "maybe you should crop that thing in the corner" so I'd become the ***** who doesn't like anything :lol: while everyone else raves. And I'm not just gonna post the fact that I like something, because in what way is that helpful, other than a quick ego boost? And we don't become better photographers or artists through ego, but through developing our eye and our skills. (Although those ego boosts can be very helpful for beginners, since it is a form of immediate positive feedback that will keep them on the road to continuing their work... otherwise they might think they suck and give up.) I think we all need to try and remember to post more about what we like or don't like and why.
QP said:
One negative point about a good working forum is there are a lot of "fights" on it too and that isn't that nice.....

Ahh the flamewar. Most often seen in religious and political threads :roll:
I don't see many heavy discussions here. Film vs digital has potential to heat up.

I have seen and participated in a lot of message boards. I've actually seen quite a few start from the ground up. So I've seen boards like this to boards with 34,000 people registered. Topics from nothing to kung fu to violin. Point is, there are trends with all boards. There are trends with poorly moderated boards. There are trends with boards that cater to all ages.

Then there are things that suck. #1 is that same @#$%ing troll that goes around trying to rile people up. For some reason, banning this person, makes HIM win. He doesn't post all the time. Of course this could be a she but it's like the sasquatch... maybe one in all of north america.

The clique as manda put it: There are certainly places that the posters look so comfy together, nobody on the outside is let in easily. I think every forum has at least a minor clique. Some are more intimidating to wedge into than others. with this board, there is no wedging your way in. I don't care who I am responding to. I post if I can add or agree with what has been said. Sometimes I can't think of something to add so I don't post. That depends on mood.

Anway, I am glad you can continue to post here. Even though there are a few hundred registered users... only about 15 or so post daily.
i just want to say that i think its important to critique fairly ... being that it seems to me that we vary tremdously within the types of photography that interest us ...

me personally, im not into nature, landscape or scenic shots, but i know a good shot when i see one... im not gonna dog someone because its not my bag ... i think thats important to say as well :D

*since we're getting stuff off our chest* :lol:

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