Put the champagne into the fridge....


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Feb 1, 2004
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...and start making the canapés!
I don't know when the moment will come but it is about to come any time now (I might miss it unless I begin to pay very careful attention) ... and I announced I'd throw a party then! So be prepared (and find out for yourselves for what to be prepared, eh?) ;)
10 erm... 9 :D
Why Congratulation! You are joining the elite club! :mrgreen:
So what will you all bring to the party?
It is now only another 7 posts away! :shock:
Sorry, must be off for a while ... must go shopping......................! :shock:
Hey, Hobbes, I'm not there yet ... 6 more posts to go first :D
Congrats!! That is a strange feeling when you break that wall. :thumbup:

And like Hobbes said, I'm looking forward to the next 10K! :D

I'll bring a nice Riesling to the party for when the champagne is all gone. Do you prefer a Kabinett, Spatlese, or Auslese? ;)
Wow, ten thousand posts. Erm, instead of cake and champagne, you can have money:


Oh cool, with this post I am still 5 posts away from the magic number, but the presents are already tumbling in. And cool! Diecimila Lire... now that will buy me a lot (!) ;) ... terri, the Kabinett, please, I am not so much a "sweet tooth" what wine is concerned.

Anyone there to open the bottle of champagne for me and in my stead when the moment has come?
wow thats alot... come on corinna, just spam the rest! :cheer: congrats on the milestone :D

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