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May 5, 2003
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Hi all,

I'd love to hear anyones views on how they have put together their portfolio's. Im thinking of purchasing an old ring bound plain paper book and mounting some of my shots in it so when I approach others, I can have a neat professional looking presentation.

I guess Im looking to find out what is the most professional way of compiling a folio??


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I'm not sure that a three ring binder would be the most professional way. They have portfolio albums and boxes available for that very purpose. As a wedding photographer, I made mine in a wedding album.

Put only your very best photos in your portfolio. You must be your own worst critic. www.lightimpressionsdirect.com to see some examples.
hi roach! welcome to the boards! I believe the best way, if you are to be taken seriously, would be to spen a little more and buy yourself a true photography portfolio. And ONLY put your best pics in, d was correct.

ooh this is something ive been wanting to know about too.
my question is.. is there a particular standard size that photos should be blown up at?
Thanks guys, this is just the kind of information Im looking for. Most of my best shots have been blown up to about 8x5 but if the standard is 8x10 then I guess its something I should give good thought to.

As I'm in the UK, Im gonna have to try and find a decent photography accessory distributor around so I can get hold of a propper portfolio. There was a position advertised in our local newspaper for a photographer.....I've applied for it!! With a little luck I should at least get some feedback on my stuff.

I have tried to get a good varied selection of shots, but I definately need to get more shots of people. Most of my stuff at the moment is of landscapes, abstract images and the effect of weird lighting. Think I need a bit of direction Ha ha ha!!

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just a word of advice if you're getting pictures enlarged you should try and get them done at a professional shop that will still do enlargements by hand in a darkroom. A lot of places just do the enlargements with the computers. I find the ones that still do them in the darkroom take a lot more pride in the work they do and they usually always turn out a lot better. And if you're wondering price there's usually very little difference between the two. I just had 6 8x12s done at $6.99 CN for each 8x12 (about $40).
Also incase you didn't know, if you're enlarging photos it's best to get the 8x12 and then crop to 8x10. 8x12 is the actual size of the photo and if you ask for an 8x10 then that would mean they would have to crop it there and you may prefer to crop it the way you like.

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