Puzzled child pt 2


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Sep 9, 2004
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OK I took your feedback and put the peices of the puzzle together. Better?
Her name will be written at the bottem. The whole thing including the border will be a 16 by 20 print, which puts each picture around 5 x 6.

Edit: you will have to left click and drag your cursor over the file to see how much border there is.

Hmmm i like this BETTER, but what I was actually picturing is puzzle pieces that FIT, but stay separate. So those exact pieces in the same formation, just with some room in between them. Does that make sense?

I might have been alone in that vision though.
I was envisioning them like this and I think it works like this...But it might be worth a shot to see them have a little bit of white space in between them. I also think it would be interesting if you inverted the bottom left picture, so that she is facing toward the inside and then you could add another little part coming off of the cookie puzzle piece. I just think it looks a little weird to have those bottom two pieces look so square. They look too fake or something.
Gosh, I know I'm being a little bit nitpicky, but that top left image just doesn't seem to fit in that well with the rest of the pieces and I think it's because it's color scheme is much daker and more muted than the pastels in the other pictures. Perhaps you could somehow change the background color in that image to a color more similar to the one in the cookie picture?
It's looking better though:)

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