Quake with fear,bishop, the queen has spotted you

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    Taken with Olympus digital, no flash. The idea is to indentify with the chess peices as though you are looking throuigh their eyes...if they had eyes. But imagine you are the queen and you see your prey, the bishop. Now the bishop is shaking in fear. Hehe.Only thing I fixed in photoshop was deleting some distracting items in the backround, mainly a laundry basket.

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    perspective is a bit low for a queen. This is more of a view through the pawn's eyes. I also think the white pieces are overexposed and washed out and that bright thing on the top of the photo in the middle (slightly to the left of the bishop) bothers me. Another comment - the black bishop (I think it's a bishop) behind the white pawn in the foreground keeps grabbing my attention. If you cropped it out and perhaps darkened the foreground pawn a bit, I think you'd get a better composition. The eye would be led directly to the bishop.

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