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    I'm done with cheap lenses. Better to buy good lenses cheaply. My first cheap wide angle was a Meike 12mm superwide for my X-E cameras. It simply wasn't sharp. The flower petal hood attached with the petals 90 degrees out of kilter. Cheap and Awful. So I returned it and bought a Rokinon 14. This is a full frame lens with a bulbous front element that is sharp. Unfortunately it has enough barrel distortion that you might think it is a fisheye. Cheap but unacceptable.

    I give up. I found a Fuji 14mm f2.8 for only $200 more than I paid for the Rokinon. It will be here Tuesday. One of the reasons to have a Fuji system is to have access to those excellent lenses. Stick with them. Anybody want a brand new Rokinon 14 for a discounted price? I didn't think so.


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