Queen of DarkSide Manor


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Jun 29, 2005
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You have your directions to the DarkSide Manor ... you've seen some of the Housemates ... Angel with is glowing eyes ... Calliope and her collection of knives ... Woodsac and his box of personalities ... Chiller and his toys ...


But the Queen of the Manor ... you've yet to see ... until now ...

"Welcome to the Manor ... I'm Raven ... " she says with a small smile .... "Can we have you for lunch?" You're not really sure if she means that in the literal sense or not ... but you're mesmorized by the light in her eyes so you follow ...


You get the feeling you're being watched ... the air seems to shimmer with awareness ... a wolf crosses your path and steals your breath as he turns toward Raven and rubs along her leg as he passes ... it's glowing red eyes and gleaming white fangs turned directly to you ... you feel a brush against the back of your head ... a whisper of a touch ... you hear Raven speak softly, "Woodsac, Angel .... you boys treat our guest with care ... we wouldn't want him bruised, now ... would we?"


Thanks for looking !

(love you Raven ... mean it!)
hurray the witch has awoken!!..... lovin ya raven, honestly..... nicole these are great and to see 'ravenpallie' is a rare treat. you captured her so well, and i bet she still gets mad about it. Raven dont get mad.... you look great in these.... the second could easily make a seductive avatar, serously ;)
That's just awesome! Raven, you look stunning! Nicole, love the words and photos! :hail:
Thanks Angelbaby ... I lied to her and told her I was shooting beside her ... I think she believed me for a second ... till she realized I had about 20 shots of her.

She approved these, though, so ya'll won't see any Pallie Bloodshed today!

Caliopallie, you're an angel for saying that! You come on down here and we'll get some great coven sister shots! Don't you know that'd be a hoot!)
Whoa...raven...:hugs: Lookin good girl.

Sweet shots anicole. Love the look to these. Amazin work!!!! The story rocks too.
Oh Nicole, I don't think any of us have a camera strong enough for the three of us together. :er: j/k! A shot of the coven! That would be awesome!
seriously nicole you should send me that second one, i could make her look like a great vampire or anything else she wanted..... not barbie tho... but i'd love to see the raven in her avatar.
excellent story telling and PS work Nicole! i love it!

Nancy, always good to see you girl! :thumbup:
Calliopallie ... between the three of us ... we could make it work ... her Cannon and our D50s can all be power-corded together so that there is strength in them, too!

Angelbaby, it's on the way ...

Thanks jonmikal ... now ... let Calliopallie have the credit card so she can come visit us!
Nicole, what an awesome post!! The pics of the stunning but seldom seen Raven are great, and your writing really rocks.
Thanks Antarctican ... she's got the beauty ... (and I have 8 more shots!)
hey pallie... quit it....no more... i am feeling all sick just looking at this...

i cant believe i let you do this... i must be taken ill......( ill-er than normal..)

your story just rocks... i love your imagination... you just slay me with talent...( theres a visual, yes???)

your house shot is so much better than mine was.... i should have stole "borrowed" yours.....

thanks for making me look half way normal.... i almost have color in these shots... and softening effect really pulls out all the scales and scars...doesnt it???

*your the greatest pallie....but if you show any more, your dead meat.*
and you know i do dead really well......
wow she took it really well anicole..... only offered to kill you... not bad going..... could have been worse :lol:

Raven your funny.... you know that.... (and before you say it... i dont mean funny lookin') :mrgreen:
Archangel said:
wow she took it really well anicole..... only offered to kill you... not bad going..... could have been worse :lol:

Raven your funny.... you know that.... (and before you say it... i dont mean funny lookin') :mrgreen:

...not too bad. She wont be spread out through the ponds of the south after the damage was done either. :lol:
Love it...love it...love it!
We need to establish residence in there immediately!!!

And with the Hostess (of the night) with the mostest...I'm not checking out anytime soon :eyebrows:

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