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Question about lightroom 4 comp ugrade (where LR3 purchased after early Feb)


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Dec 4, 2011
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I looked into the upgrade situation and apparently if you purchased LR3 > roughly 2/5 they'll comp you LR4. However they have this proviso in terms of receipts that can be used for proof of purchase:

Under invalid proof of purchase:
Receipts showing a product price that is discounted more than 25% off the Adobe retail or educational price

So if you purchased it on sale from B+H or Amazon does that invalidate it? (I only paid $89 and I know people jumped on the $69 price as well) I have a call in to adobe to get the strait answer (if I don't get the upgrade LR3 goes right back to amazon and I'll just get LR4.) Has anyone taken advantage of the comp upgrade???

OK...adobe got back to me.....If you did get a great discount on 3 (> 25% off) you're *not* eligible for the free upgrade. So LR3 is going back to Amazon and I'll just purchase LR4 from adobe directly..... (since it's cheaper to buy a new copy than to pay $89 + upgrade)
I bought my copy of LR3 educational for $69.99 from Best Buy and it was eligible for the upgrade. To be ineligible it has to be a 25% or greater discount, and 20/89.99 = 22% so you should have been good to go. Oh well, seems like you got it to work out!
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I paid $67 for the upgrade after my NAPP discount.

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