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Aug 26, 2011
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I used to work at the Walmart photolab, and we did C-41 processing for 35mm. A few of us, who had brains, could do other formats like 110 and APS. My question pertains to 120. The developer machine we used takes the film which is taped to a plastic leader, and pulls it through the chemical baths. Since 120 has a paper backer, will it hurt the chemical baths for other film that follows it? I know I can go back to the lab I used to work at and develop any time, but should I with medium format? Keep in mind that I will be doing the work myself, not leaving it up to the "dunderheads" that work there.
The paper gets removed before processing.
With the old Noritsu machines we had in the old days, we had to manually load the 120 into a plastic magazine/cannister without the paper backing (in a dark bag/box) ... then tape it to the leader.

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