Question for the British people!

bethany138 said:
What is pie and chips? Pie and Fries, or actual chips (potato chips). Heard it somewhere and now i'm curious!


Geico strikes again!

chips = french fries

crisps = potato chips
Pie is good with anything!
Depends on where you are though.
If you go to the East End of London the standard is pie and mash with the option of green liquor.
Elsewhere pies come in a variety of 'flavours' - beef, beef and onion, steak and kidney, steak and mushroom, chicken, chicken and mushroom... The only difference is the colour of the tinfoil tray they come in.
Pukka Pie, anyone? :lol:
British chips are abit different than fries. Fries are skinny, chips are nice and chunky.

...and if you havent had a Hollands Meat & Potato Pie with HP Brown sauce you havent lived

...Damn, i'm hungry now
Over here we refer to Pies as 'Mystery Bags'...dunno what's in them. ;)

To quote an Aussie comedian:

"They're not McFries, They're f*ckin' CHIPS!!!" :mrgreen:
And let us now forget chips and gravy.. mmmmm

Pie and chips is a popular pub food as the pie can be made raw and frozen, then cooked on the day and kept warm for hours without affecting the taste.

You make pastry, rub a small deep bowl with butter, line it with pastry, and put in the pie contents. Meat, especially braising steak, works well, as do onions, mushrooms and anything which doesn't dissolve in gravy. The ingredients are seared to keep the flavour in, and assembled in the pie. You then fill the gaps with extra thick gravy, preferably made with Guinness or real ale and put a vented pastry lid on. The pie can then be frozen and cooked for a couple of hours at low temperature and kept at that temperature until it is done.

mmm Pie!

i feel mushy peas has taken this thread too far.... they are the devils creation :mrgreen:
omg... that just says it all!.... yuk... snot anyone? :lol:
Is that (the picture at the link provided) what it really looks like?! Ewwwww.

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