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Jan 14, 2009
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I'm not sure if this is the place for a question like this, but here it goes...

I'm needing a little business advice from some of the Pros here. I had a lunch meeting today with a freelance client of mine who is starting his own business. He is going into business development so basically his business will help others build theirs. He is needing my help for doing design work/photography. He said he wants to make me a partner and asked me what percentage I would want for my services. I'm not sure what to tell him. I want to price myself as a professional, but also not so high as to turn him away. I'm new to this sort of thing and this seems like a great opportunity, not only will I work for him, but also all his clients he helps out. What would you guys say?
Yes, I'd be more inclined to work for him on a job-by-job basis...unless you think he's going to be wildly successful.
Well I have reason to believe that he will be successful, he's talked to me about his past projects he's been into, his land development deals, buying a vet practice for his wife, he's pretty wealthy and has some good business sense, but these days you never know.
Do you trust him? being the lower partner of this ship you could end up with a lot more work while he reaps the profits, I'm wary of all businessmen apart from my father in law, cut a deal but keep a get out of jail free card. H
Tell him you want 50%... see how that grabs him.

I think he was just playing with you. .."What percentage of the busness?" WHAT business?? There IS NO business. What percentage of how much business? Is he planning on making $10,000 a year or $1,000,000 a year from this business? That number will certainly affect your answer to the question what percentage..
I think for the time being I may want to get paid on a job by job basis and possibly re-negotiate later on.

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