Question on copyrights of transparencies/negatives


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Jan 3, 2008
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If I buy an old transparency of a celebrity, do I own all rights to it and prints made from it? Are these type transparencies generally one of a kind or were they sometimes mass produced? I have the same question about negatives. I own a few rare celebrity negatives and I assume I own all rights, but still wonder about it. Transparencies seem to be much more available. And if I live in a area with no photo shops but just mainly chain stores, where's the best place to get quality 8x10s made from my old negatives? Thanks.
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Unless you have implicitly purchased the rights of the image, from the photographer (or who ever owns it)...then you do not own any reproduction or commercial rights.
If you do indeed have the original film, and there are no other copies...then it's a bit of a strange situation because you are the only one who can make copies/prints...but you technically don't have the right to do that.

I would suggest that you contact a lawyer in your area...just to be sure of your rights.

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