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Oct 10, 2015
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I am buying a D3300 soon and have the option of getting both the kit lens(18-55mm) as well as a 50-200mm lens VR for a low price. I have no idea what the difference is and would love an explanation.
18-55 is typical of a kit lens allowing you to fit quite a lot in at the 18mm setting, probably similar to a zoom camera at its most zoomed in setting, think maybe able to fit 3 people in a photo of you are standing 1.5 meters in front of them. At 55 you are zoomed out, probably able to get one person's head in if standing in same spot

The 55-200 just continues your zoom from the 55mm to 200, at 200 you could probably fit a crow or pigeon into fill your photo at about 8 meters
Owned both lenses, good kit lenses that will serve you well (for kit lenses that is)
The 18-55mm will be your go to lens for most of you general use like landscape and even some portraits.
The 55-200mm will be better for getting things in the far close to you.
You can also go some portrait with this lens but it will not give you good seperation from the back like faster lenses will.

Good luck

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