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    Good Afternoon all :cheers:

    After I retire from the auto business I want to back to doing photography full time. My problem is I really really dislike taking photos of people. Do you think there is a market without this?

    Right now I do greeting cards, restorations, landscapes, pet photos, a bit of corporate, etc....... What is your opinion?

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    Landscapes tend to sell well if you have the skill - people like to buy them and hang them on a wall.
    Wildlife - not so much 0 people like to look at it, but fewer tend to buy prints, magazines and such might - though most of the nature people tend to make an income either in another job or through teaching photography and workshops
    Pets - in the right area can make a lot of money - espcially if you market to the upper (richer) classes

    What ever you try expect competition with others in the market and good luck!

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