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Mar 11, 2006
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I haven't used my minolta x-7a in a long time. Today I took it outside and shot a roll of film. I wasn't too sure on settings....(it's been a while since using it) anyway, I did get some great shots...

but on the negative there were some frames where you could see half of the image and the rest of the negative was blank....anyone know what causes this? It was almost like half of the picture(or not quite half) looked perfect and the other half of the negative was blank...not black colored, blank, any ideas?!

Have you noticed anything strange sounding when you trip the shutter? The only thing i can think of would be a shutter that gets stuck from time to time, basically leaving part of the image unexposed or completely over-exposed.
Max is right. Before inserting another film in it open the back door and operate the camera, paying attention to both shutter curtains. If one of them is slow you know the culprit.

And then Photogoddess is right too. If you used flash and the shutter speed was faster than 1/60 (the usual flash synch. speed) then that's your culprit.

Which is it? :)

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