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Aug 13, 2003
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Sorry doubled posted but, didn't see this forum.

Hey first post here so be kind. I am mostly a digital photographer (Sony F707), but I recently got a hand-me-down Nikon EM to play with. The focus is really messed up and the film rewind handle is broken to. It doesn't seem worth it to get it fixed since I saw it on ebay for about $25.

The question I have is should I just buy another Nikon EM cause I have a few attachment lenses and I could reuse them? Basically is the Nikon EM a good camera? Or should I just get a newer camera that can use the extra lenses I have?

I would like to get a decent camera, if possible, for around $100 preferably one with a motor. Any suggestions on what to get, where to look, or what to do. It doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles since my digtal camera has most of them. Just something that will give me great prints for those times where digital is not appropriate.

Thanks in advance !!! 8)
So no-one knows anything about a t Nikon EM or a decent used 35mm camera with motor for around $100?

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