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Sep 7, 2015
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So for my birthday this year, I wanted a camera to document my upcoming trip to Japan. What I got was a GoPro Silver 4, and a used Pentax K200D. The Pentax was kind of an added bonus, because I mainly wanted the GoPro to make small videos of scuba diving and random adventures, but a family member had the Pentax laying around and decided it would be of much better use to me.

Anyways, I've very much enjoyed playing and shooting around with it, but one thing I can't seem to get down is how to shoot moving subjects with it. As mentioned in my earlier posts, I have zero idea what i'm doing when it comes to photography... but I can't seem to figure this out, and several times have had to resort to pulling out my iphone super quick like to capture something moving.

Any advice on this?
Try shutter priority mode. This allows you to adjust your shutter speed to the subject you are shooting (basically a fast shutter speed for a fast moving subject, and slow for a slower subject). As for what number...just experiment on your own to see what suits the subject. For example, hummingbirds require very fast shutter speeds (>1/2500 sec) if you want to get those wings sharp. Moving vehicles, on the other hand, are usually less than 1/8000 of a second, from my experience. As you gain experience you can move to manual mode and set shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to get that exposure just right.

PS: Sorry for the belated reply!
You mean 1/800 of a second for moving cars right?

OP lots of variables to the question. How fast is the car going, do you want any motion blur, are you panning or till etc. I'd start around 1/250 with a little pan and adjust from there.

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