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Feb 21, 2012
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I shoot with a 60d and I'm really interested in a Tokina 10-17mm full frame fisheye. I really like this lens but would it be a problem not having a full sensor? Also, if anyone has opinions on it, they're welcome.

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ef lens's will fit on crop cameras; just not the other way around.
thanks! yea i read some more reviews and saw it works mainly for crop sensors.

how do u figure its equivalent is a 16-27?
Advertised focal lengths, even on lenses specifically designed for smaller sensors, are subject to the crop factor of the camera. Per B&H's product detail page "Equivalent focal length of 16mm-27mm in 35mm format, when used with Canon digital SLR cameras"

The "full frame" that it refers to is not for full frame cameras, but rather creates a full frame image - unlike a circular fisheye.
Thanks!!! I wasn't aware of that as a squid in this field :)

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What would be better. This or a Canon 15mm 2.8 full frame fisheye?

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If you want a wide angle that keeps straight lines straight, then forget this Tokina 10-17mm zoom, because it's a fisheye! Most people don't want a fisheye - they want a wide angle which isn't this 10-17mm. I strongly suggest instead the Tokina 12-24mm for the same price.

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