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Aug 20, 2006
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I have recently been provided a really great oppotunity that I'm really excited about. We have a new restaurant opening in town and they were looking for local artists that would like to showcase their work in the restaurant. Turns out I'm the only one that responded to their ad, so right now the walls are pretty much mine, almost like my own little gallery.
The owner would like me to ensure that I include my name and contact info on each photograph (which will all be matted and framed), and a price if I'd like to sell them.
So here are my questions:

1) Has anybody hung their work somewhere, with their contact info and price? How would I go about doing that? Do I create a little card for each one? Where would I attach it? If you have any pictures of what you've done in this kind of scenario, please post.

2) Some of the photographs the owner has chosen are of heritage sites in our village. With copyright issues and such, am I able to sell those?

If you can answer either, or both, please do. I welcome all suggestions.
Thank you.
I'd create a card. Attach it on the wall adjacent to the image (say next to the bottom right corner). Make sure your details are clearly visible.

If you took the photo from a public place, I don't believe there is anything stopping you from selling it (no matter the subject). If you took the photo - the copyright is yours. What are their issues? If you entered a place where there are conditions of entry then that may be an issue. Check with them.
Add up all your costs to finish and hang each photo. TOTAL, every mat, adhesive, glass, labor to cut mats, shipping to you, etc. Multiply by 5.5X minimum. Period. When I have displayed, I have added my card, tucked into the frame over the glass in the lower right side. I also had a small card holder placed nearby with a dozen of so cards in it. Write the price on the cards back, and also place a small sticker with all your info and the prints price on the back of the frame. This helps if the card on the front is lost or taken.
Thank you for your suggestions.
One more question - would you put your signature on the actual photograph, mat, or not at all?
A lot of restaurants and bars would love to have some free art on their wall. I run a photo group and we had a couple of establishments chomping at the bit to let us use their walls for our show. Okay they know we'll bring in our friends, but it's free art for them!

My local pub has art from local people on the walls for sale. Doubt if they sell many but hey, it's still cool to be able to take your friends there and sit under your piece.

Put a few cards behing the till too so if anybody asks about the images, someone can tout you even when you're not there...

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