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Nov 14, 2007
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Recently Ive been getting into some more portrait photography, and I feel that I would like to turn my hobby into a source of money as well. I am young, yet I think with my inspiration and passion for photography I can become somewhat successful(depending on your definition of successful).

Ive been reading alot of threads here, as well as on a few different forums, and it seems that photographers need the person or people modeling to sign a release contract, as well as photographers need to sign a copyright release if someone buys the CD's ona disk.

My question is, how do I get these, or do I make them my own? Do I need to go through a lawyer or something?

Also, Ive used film for awhile and Ill be getting my first dSLR soon. I may ask alot of questions, but it seems that there is alot of help here! Thanks in advance!
Ahh I should have searched better!

Thanks that really helped getting some examples.

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