quick trip to the lake


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Jan 10, 2006
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Central NY
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went to the lake to take a few shots tonight. didnt take alot but here is what i came up with.


and shooting through the fence
wow, tough crowd lately!!
It is amazing how these two - both taken from the same spot and of the same subject, as it were - can bring home such extremely different messages.
While in the first we just can NOT get to the lake and the water and all that is beyond because we are fenced in, the second suggests all that: the opportunity to walk out towards the end of that pier (which by the look of it certainly was NOT possible in real life... but this is the photo of it...) and think even farther, across the lake and beyond.

But then, by close scrutiny of the pier, I am not surprised there was this fence put up ... ;)
the pier was not ment for walking on, thats why there is a fence. the lake is an extremely large shalow lake and can have waves similar to the ocean on a stormy day. the pier was put there to keep the enterance to one of NY states main canals calm.

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