Rain drop (advice needed)


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Dec 14, 2005
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Darwin, Australia
Big storm here at the moment so took the opportunity to have my second go at shooting rain drops. Inevitably my results are not what I am picturing in my head...either the focus is off or when it's right then my shutter speed is too slow and I get blurs. Anyone experienced with these type of shots as I would love some advice on getting a good capture.

This is the only one that warranted any interest, not a great shot but liked the drop that reflected the flash.

i'm not an expert but maybe you need some sort of big light, like a flood light or powerful torch that can highlight the rain for you as it falls and also a tripod.

Did you shoot this through a window? probably best to do it outside so that you dont catch the flash reflection in the window
I think raindrops terminal velocity is about 7-9 mph so just use a high sutter speed with a flash. I would set it on aperture with flash and see what the shutter speed is, ifs aorund 200+ it should work. If not go with bigger aperture

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