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Aug 11, 2007
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I've finally got Cs3 loaded and I've got tons of raw shots to edit. When I open a raw shot in bridge it opens adobe raw, where I can make various adjustments. It seems these adjustments can also be found in the main cs3 layers adjustments.

What's the deal? Are there things I can do in adobe raw that cannot be done it PS?

Also Once I'm done in raw I then open it in CS3. It's still a raw image. Does it become a psd after layers adjustments are added?

Do you guys save a raw and a jpeg version?

Are raw adjustments non-destructive in adobe raw?

I know it's a bunch of questions in one post but I am a bit confused.
For the most part...the RAW adjustments should be non-destructive. RAW is basically just the data from the camera (with an embedded JPEG for viewing). When you make adjustment...you are just changing the settings that haven't been applied to the image yet. Then when you output from your RAW software...it should convert the image into a standard file type, which you would then open with Photoshop etc.

Once in photoshop, those adjustment are made to the image (or to the layer you are working on)...and as far as I know...they are different (more destructive) than the adjustments in the RAW software.

I don't use Bridge or Lightroom....so I'm not sure if your workflow would be different from that.
i would save in TIF format. you will still be able to make non-destructive changes that way. if you save in JPEG, you will degrade the quality of the photo if you keep editing and resaving.

PNG is another good choice. not as good as TIF, imo, but much better than JPEG

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