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Mar 25, 2005
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I've just started to use RAW for my photographs and was wondering if the is a curves adjuster in RawShooter Essentials, i can't seem to find one. I'm used to photoshop so i'm a bit confused at the moment. :confused:

also are the any decent little tutorials for processing raw files out there.

...also does anybody do their black and white conversions in raw or do they leave them for photoshop?

thanks in advance
hmmm..... i only have rawshooter on my work comp, so havent got it now.... but i cant remember seeing a curves adjuster...... i dont use it often tho.
I'v seen the odd raw tutorial..... cant remeber where tho :lol: ... im rubbish help today sorry...... but most of the tutorials i use are in mags and cd's..... i can tell you tho, i always do the b+w conversion in ps, i know some do it in raw software but i cant see the benefit. ;)
Bit below par there today Arch lol ;) but thanks for the reply anyway

Yeah, i know i've got a tutorial in one of my magazines somewhere, it's just finding the thing
As far as I know, there is no curves adjustment in RawShooter. I wouldn't think you'd need a tutorial for processing raw really. Just make the shot look good. The controls are fairly simple. White balance, exposure comp, including contrast adjustment, sharpening....etc.....

I really like C1 LE over raw shooter essentials though. It does give you the option to adjust curves like photoshop, levels like photoshop, among many other things. I think my images just look better coming from it.

For black and white conversions, sometimes I will do them in raw. I can preview my image in B&W in C1, and adjust the contrast and white balance until I get a nice array of tones, and then export it to grayscale. I do usually use photoshop however, because the channel mixer really gives better control, and you can always go back to color easily, without giving up all of your other adjustments.
cheers matt. i will check out that C1 LE

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