Reality Check

18 views and no takers?... Guess there was no point in joining this forum.
Hey, Silverstrand, welcome to the forum.
Today is Sunday. And Witsun.
And the forum is really really slow today. So 18 views and no reply still is quite a good ratio. Believe me.
And I think that the right pic is the real colour.
Well I do hope you do stay.

Often times if the photo isn't large enough to see (ie. 600-800pixels) even if there isn't a link, very few people will take the time to go check it out. Therefore, most people upload to photobucket and just link from there.

Anyways, I went in to see your photo and the conversion has me stomped. I originally guessed the one on the right is the original as if I recall I have seen a similar flower of that type (daisy family?), but reading your DeviantArt made me think otherwise ;)
Alright, thanks for the note on that. I figured people would have prefered a thumb before going to the bigger image... but i guess that is not the case.

Yup, its stumped quite a few, yet, the left is the real color of the flower.

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