Received new 200-500mm f5.6 today.


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Jul 8, 2013
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Acworth, Georgia
Not had alot of time yet, but I did practice a few very basic shots around the neighborhood with this lens. The day was very overcast with just alittle blue sky here and there. Lens did excellent. Very sharp and VR seems much better than on my 70-200mm f2.8. Haven't tried any moving "targets" yet, but overall first impressions are good. Build feels nice and sturdy too. Lots of metal. The lens is heavy, but it is a 500mm lens. The weight should come as no surprise. I will have pics up on my soon.
This one is definitely on my list for wildlife and aviation! Enjoy it and I'd love to read / see more about it.
I am trying to decide between this lens or the 150-600 from Sigma or Tamron. My camera is a D3300. Looking fwd to more comments on this to help me decide.

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I will give you $50 for it. ;)

A friend of mine just got one of these. I'm very impressed with it for the money.

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