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Aug 16, 2007
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Kansas City
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Has anyone done something similar, is this worth the effort?

The city I live in has a beautiful rose garden that extremely popular for weddings. Only, you can't make your reservation for the garden until the 1st operating business day of the year. (Jan.2nd) so starting about 5:00pm on Jan. 1st Brides start lining up outside the doors. They pitch their tents and the wedding party or family takes turns staying in line.
I saw the event on the news last year, and made plans for this year. My husband & I went out with 2 gallons of hot chocolate (with marshmallows!) and passed out drinks to keep people warm. I had prepared a DVD with my portfolio (in video format) and a sample print & a business card. We went out from 1-2am; and then from 5-8am. (It was 8 degrees.)

The Brides were astounded that we were there! Many of them already had photographers, but still asked for my info to pass on to their sister/coworker/friend etc.

We even got interviewed by NBC (locally).

So far, I've had one Bride contact me for availability.
Next year we are planning on bringing Krispy Kremes too!
Props to you for being on the ball...that's very clever. I would think that the exposure alone would be worth the effort...and any jobs you get from it will just be icing on the cake.

The only flaw seems to be that by this time, many brides will have hired a photographer already...but the word of mouth might be worth it.

Hopefully it doesn't catch might find 10 other photographers doing the same thing next year.
Hopefully it doesn't catch might find 10 other photographers doing the same thing next year.

Yeah, we thought about that. But, if that happens then maybe we can all go together and cook pancakes or something.
The wedding photographer network in KC seems to be pretty friendly.
How do they already have their photographer lined up if they don't have their date planned until they stand in line? What am I missing here?
I think they have their date lined up already...and they are just trying to book that location for their date. If they can't get that location on their date, they would probably just pick another location.

That's my guess anyway.
Yeah, that is how it works. You just have to hope that its not full by the time you get up to the counter.
The garden books 4 wedding on every Sat. & on every Sunday. You only get a 2 hour time slot.
The big dates this year were May 17th & June 7th. I know that there were a couple Brides that didn't get it their way!
rachlynn17-I'm in KC and watched those brides on the news. Hurray for you for getting out there! I don't care how much I wanted that location, no way would I camp as cold as it was.

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