Recent shoot of a little baby girl..


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Nov 25, 2007
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I love the photo of her in the pinic basket. That shot is super adorable!!! They are all really good but that one is my favorite!
The last two are my favorites!
Hi Rachel. Very good baby set. Just a few suggestions?

I generally recommend clothing that's not so bold. The colors, though very cute, do distract the eye from the baby.

Also, it looks like that garden area might have better light is another area. You want to choose locations that give direction to the light, not so flat, like closer to the trees or shrubs at the edges. One of the best was the 4th one because the ground is acting like a scrim and it gives a more 3 dimentional look.

Do I detect an on-camera flash on the last one?
Hey Michael- thanks for the FB.

I did use a diffused flash on the last shot..

I didn't quite understand what you said though ;) about the grass acting as a scrim?

I agree about the bold colors..I was just playing around here and trying something new but generally prefer infants in softer coloring or solids.
Sorry for the lingo. The way the child is facing in number 4, the ground subtracts light from that side of the face. It makes the image more 3 dimensional.
I love the picnic basket pic and the laughing shot. So adorable.
MICHAEL- thanks for the explanation. So the ground soaks up some of the light is what you're saying.. I think I get it. :lol:

Thanks pixie :)

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