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Recommend Me A Good Android Camera App

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Jan 18, 2022
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i use filmic pro for video :)

but wanted to know a decent app for taking photos the stock camera app is ok and ive tried open camera but looking to try something new
Just use G-cam. According to your phone model just find the version and camera config setting. Then install it according to instruction and then set the config. If you do not get this just go to youtube and search for your phone model. Then Just do shoot now.
MotionCam Version 1.2.9
Last update Nov 10, 2022
- Access to additional lenses on Samsung and Pixel phones
- Support for HDR rendering
installed size 3.07 GB (from Google Playstore)
Permissions: Camera, Location and Microphone

Tested on: Sony Xperia 10 iii
Android 12 (Build number 62.1.A.0.675 release keys)

A "partially working" version is available for free, but a fully activated "Pro" version is available via an payment.

I think that I have had this program installed for a couple of months now. I have not used it much because I have been concentrating on using the standard included programs that came with my Xperia 10 iii.

This is an program which should be interesting for Android users who want to try their included camera for more serious photography. For my phone it added new capabilities and a different interface which some people might find more convenient.

Most Android apps are designed to make use of the underlying Android firmware that comes with the device. That supplied firmware is sometimes called "low level" programming. The apps, on the other hand are made to work "on top of" the Android system. Such "higher level" programs can also be called "front end" programs. By writing an App to use only the supplied Android firmware capabilities, programming effort is reduced and the program is usable by a wider range of devices.

I do not know for certain, but MotionCam seems to include some "low level" programming. In particular it has the ability to record and play back "Raw Video". I have tested the "Raw Video" capability by making a recording using the free version. This free version does include the ability to play back a short sample of the video that I have recorded -- about 4 sec. But the file format is not a common one that I can play back on my computer, so the only thing I can say is that the recording and the limited playback in the free version is working. I can also say that the output file, which is not a compressed raw, is huge, which tends to imply that it really is a "raw" video file. A roughly 10 sec. clip turned out to be more than 2 GB.

Not everything in the program worked on my Xperia 10 iii, however, installing and using it did not cause any problems to the rest of the phone, so I have no reason to avoid recommending people to try using it. The worst result I can anticipate is that your memory will get filled up fairly quickly. If you are using better computer software than I am (like Adobe, I would guess), you might even be able to look more closely at the resulting file, and maybe even convert it to something more common.

The attached file is a screen shot of MotionCam recording a video clip.


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My Xperia 10 iii has rudimentary 4K video support, but the later Xperia 10 iv removes this support. If you have a 10 iv, this might be a way to get 4K video support working on it.
My Xperia 10 iii has rudimentary 4K video support, but the later Xperia 10 iv removes this support. If you have a 10 iv, this might be a way to get 4K video support working on it.

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