Recommended Voice Recognition software?


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Sep 10, 2005
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My wife is a photographer and shoots weddings primarily. As a result she doe
s a lot of work in PS...sometimes touching up and checking 400-500 photos at
a time.
Her wrists are starting to bother her and I'm thinking that some voice recog
nition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking or ViaVoice may work just
for the basic commands for opening files, scrolling up and down, etc.
Dragon is very pricey whereas ViaVoice is not. Any recommendations?
Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0 is by far the best on the market.
what abouta tablet? or a different type of mouse? Dragon will slow you down even though it's very good for what it does. It's mainly a dication program rather than something that can be used usefully to interface with the computer.
She already has a Wacom tablet and it works great. I was hoping that this would help even more.
Jakpro I agree that DNS is the best but will it work with Photoshop?
Hertz van Rental said:
Macintosh has voice recognition built into the OS :mrgreen:

so does xp

but its realy not worth it as if you have any accnts it can be realy anoying imho there a lot of money for something tHATS not that good
Maybe an egronomic workstation instead?

I can't imagine working with photos with voice... but then I've never really tried.
I checked the information and unless you wrote macros for specific tasks, it does not specifically support Photoshop. The tasks that you mention should be supported.

Off of the top of my head, I am not aware of a speech recognition program that does photo editing.

You might email Adobe and Scansoft and inquire.

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