Recreating classic album cover, need help


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Mar 31, 2011
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Rochester, Kent, UK
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Hey all,
I'm going to Bolton Abbey in a few weeks to take some pictures of the church and priory. I would like to recreate the album cover for the Cures Faith album. It is a reversed, grainy picture of the decaying priory. I will be bringing several 35mm cameras loaded with Ilford HP5+, and a 4x5 camera loaded with Tri-X 320. I will likely set the camera up in the same location as the original photographer, and make multiple exposures. How should I expose the film to get the grainiest effect? Underexpose the film and push it in development? Shoot wide open and focus on the blades of grass?
You may have a problem, the Duke of Devonshire is a bit funny about having his property photographed especially with a 4x5 they might think you are a commercial photographer, i would contact them first to save you a wasted journey
If you click on what to see and do you will notice no mention of photography What to see and do at Bolton Abbey
Ok. I think it went pretty well. I shot some HP5+ at EI 400, and EI 100. The 400 I developed in Ilfosol. The 100 I developed in HC110 dilution E, and pulled it a two stops, with a developing time of 4:30. I decided to overexpose the film and pull it to reduce the contrast. These are just scans I did quickly after I dried the film, I will print my favourite one next week. Comments and critiques welcome.


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Here is the original album art for comparison. It appears that they shot the priory from the left and then reversed the image for the cover, so I did the same to my negatives.


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