"Red Colour..."


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Aug 2, 2015
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X Pro-3
ISO 160
1/125 Sec.
Fujifilm XF 23mm F1.4R
23 mm Equivalent 35 mm

(Processed In LR & PS)


Thanks For Looking Any Comments/Criticism Will Be Appreciated.


Looks a bit green to be honest. Maybe a WB issue or adjust the tone slider/s.
Nice image
As for cc
I cropped the bottom edge to the snow in the centre line
For me the other lane does nothing for the image.
Have a try, but it’s only my thought. It’s your image so if the image is how you want to it disregard my thoughts
@Original katomi I thought about cropping like you had suggested but decided not to...but I understand where you are coming from...and thank you for your input...I was trying to be a little bit like Saul Leiter.... lol
No problem
As a photographer and author I found that some CC ends up altering the picture/ story so much that it’s up not what I intended

That’s why, I offer cc but understand that people make their own choices
I like it! Has a posterisation/abstract feel to it. In order to see all the image I had to scroll, so seeing it in it's entirety on a larger screen, would like affect my decision to crop/not crop. Well done!
since it's called red color i'm guessing that the emphasis should be on the red car, but the yellowish green tint competes for attention. if you're going for a complementary color scheme then try a true green which is opposite of red instead of a yellow green. yellowish colors and snow really don't mix well, i'm pretty sure you can suss out why.

normally the red color would pull the eye in, but the yellowish green snow and orange building means the surrounding colors are too close to make the red pop like it should. everything else is pretty sharp, but the car is moving and details are blurred. the contrasting color in this image is the blue hospital sign, and it's razor sharp. so i keep looking at it. if the snow were a cooler tone or pure white then the hospital sign would blend in a bit more and the red car would pop out.

the dead center comp. doesn't really work for me in this one. saul leiter used a lot of framing in his compositions, he didn't have a lot of negative space. try cropping in tighter and using elements between you and the car to tightly frame it within the comp. i'd crop just above the car and have the two lanes and car. you'd have to clone out the bottom of the sign pole and utility pole to make a crop like that work.

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