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Jun 10, 2006
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I am not sure if this is the right forum for this topic, so please move if it is incorrect. I just finished school, and have my first job. Today, I purchased a couple of tiles created by a local artist that I was going to use to add some contrasting color to the product. This job is commercial. Do I need a release from the artist to use the tiles as background in my photo?

In my only marginally educated opinion.

If you own them and they are not the focus of your work then you should be fine. In fact if you didn't own them and they weren't the focus of your work you'd be fine. In fact, so long as you're not just trying to reproduce the artist's work there shouldn't be many ways to get into trouble.

If they're visible for what they are in the background and quite prominent in the picture he/she would probably appreciate a credit.

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