Rena's Bridal at the Adolphus


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Dec 14, 2004
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We got the rare pleasure to do Rena's Bridal at the historic Adolphus hotel in Downtown Dallas last weekend. The place is amazing!!!!




Okay, my jaw just hit the floor. (And given I have a bit of a glass jaw, that's not a good thing. But I digress). Those are absolutely stunning shots. Beautiful bride, beautiful smile, beautiful dress(!), beautiful pics.

(....Although the angle of her bodice in #6 seems jarring to my eye.)
Beautiful work here. I love the lighting on the pictures, great job!
her right hand fingernails are weird in 1 and 2...

2 is my favourite though. Awesome emotion.
:stun: Those are absolutely amazing. #2 is my fave too. The lighting in all of them is spot on, i love the dramatic yet somehow dreamy feel.

Dark hair like that can be really tough to get right sometimes, but you hit the spot, especially in #7 :thumbup:

beautiful shots....#1 and 2 & 5 are faves...i think her teeth are too bright though in #1..#6 she needs some light on her hair as she is blending into the background there...beautiful lighting on all...especially love the way she flows in #5
what is renas bridal? was this an advetising shoot?
These are really nice! I like the lighting and posing of these, it's subtly dramatic.

I'm not really a fan of the blown curtains in #1 and the too-smooth of skin, but other than that, they're great!
Beautiful posing and lighting. The location ain't too shabby either! Well done.
Hehe Emo, those are her teeth. Should I tell her to darken them a bit?
(Sorry, that just tickled me!)
Elsaspet - STUNNNNNNNNING (said in a sing song-y voice :mrgreen:) Beyond gorgeous, but I don't expect anything less from you! I have a few comments and a few "nitpicks" on a couple though! (If you don't mind! ;))
#1-Absolutely gorgeous location & gorgeous bride! The way she is holding her hand on the railing though cuts off one of her fingers making it look like she's only got 4 fingers! I love the pose though! The way she's looking down kind of reminds me of Romeo & Juliet balcony scene!
#2-LOVE her smile! Very fun picture! Again though, with her fingers - she's got her hand on the railing on a weird angle.
#3- LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I know some people aren't fond of those types of borders but I am! tee hee and I just love this one!
#5-Love this one. Love the pose, love the dress, love the flowers! My only nitpick is her pearls that are falling behind her back look a little awkward to me.
#6-Love the pose, love the dress! But her bodice is at an awkward angle on her chest....however, on a sidenote, can I have a dress like that when I get married???? (insert sigh of jealousy here!)
#7-She looks so lonely!!! But very stunning! I think here too, her dress looks funny on her chest. But I can tell that its how she's "hunching-but not really hunching" her back.

~I would so LOVE to have your talent! I really want to get into Portrait Photography & am checking out photography programs at colleges around here! Did you go to school and take photography classes or did you just learn it all yourself? I wish you worked/lived around here! I'd be your shadow, trying to learn from you!
~Also, what post processing software do you use for skin-smoothing? Do you have a "how-to" posted around here somewhere?

Again, BEAUTIFUL photos! Thanks for sharing!

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