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Nov 2, 2007
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British Columbia Canada
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As time goes on i've been trying to perfect my processing style and decided to reprocess all my favourite wedding photos. Here's 3 shots. Please let me know your thoughts. :)



I like numbr 1 and 2 and what you did with them but I just dont like the 3rd photo which makes it hard to observe the post processing but it does look similar to the second photo technique
I really like the first one. Love the lighting and the shadows in it. 2 & 3 don't really do anything for me though. In number 2, (to me) the saturation is a bit much...the woman on the left, her ankle is to red and the guy on the right, his hand matches the pumpkins and his face is a bit too orange for my liking. I like the look of #3, but its a bit too dark in the faces for me and like someone mentioned before, the clump of hands draws attention. You've definitely got some good shots for sure! you just need to work a bit on the P.P.! You've gotta try to get good at it though! I'm still learning and it definitely involves time! :D
Thanks Everyone!
These were the shots I previously wasn't too thrilled about and am trying to sort out...
#1 Is definately one of those pictures that make you want to say WOW!! The lighting is fantastic.

The big clump of hands and knuckles in 3 get all the attention. Most likely not the response you're looking for.

#3 cracks me up because everyone else sees the big clump of hands first and what I saw was her chest.. :lol:
Good job though! Keep working at it.:mrgreen:
OOH I really like all three!
#3 cracks me up because everyone else sees the big clump of hands first and what I saw was her chest.

It's not that you see them first but that your eye settles there, I'd be happier if my eyes settled on her chest but that still wouldn't be right.
And the suggestion of a kiss would be a lot more pleaseent than the guy with his mouth half open.
The first was by far a fluke. Some random guest fired their flash off at the exact moment I shot mine so I got the backlight effect.
Very nice shots! #2 a little too heavy on the vignetting for my taste but still a great shot.

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