"" Resolving The Season ""

May 13, 2007
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Well, hate being some kind of a posting Hound, but don't see a lot of posting going on ??? Sooooo, here I come again....

Don't know what to say about this one, will leave that up to you good people. All I can say is that I'm always fascinated about the things you see during the transition from Fall to Winter... Here the Leaves that have yet to fall, seem to be giving way, to the snows of winter...

Another Vermont Photo..

"" Resolving The Season "

Altho this may be off the point, I rarely respond to your images beyond it seems that you have the pictures that you take down pat, they're really postcard slick and you don't seem to be taking any chances.

While they are good, I have seen them all before - figuratively.
thanks peter pan, appreciate it !!

traveler... lol, Hmmmmmm? is that a way of saying Cliche ??
I think he was saying "Great job... that's quite a marketable photograph that you can use for post cards". =o)

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