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Feb 1, 2006
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in the middle of north carolina
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i think it's about time you get a new camera haha.
Oh i dont know kid...

that camera is about three times as old as you and will still be working when the one you are using now is junk...


oh yeah you cant shoot real retro with plastic. It's one of those rules you guys love to break lol
times are a changin man, whether you like it or not.

btw i'm no kid, but whatever makes you happy!
Well kid wasn't meant as an insult and yes it makes me happy to build and shoot cameras. Something nice in having a hand in making what you shoot.

I'm 61 by the way and call my son in law who is thirty kid. I probably offends him to lol.

Times they can change, but that doesnt mean I personally have to like what I see. And the piece of plastic you guys shoot, will last about as long as the car you drive lol. Either you will have to have a new and improved model, or it will be trash....

But like you said whatever makes YOU happy to. The only person either of us has to satisfy in the end is ourselves. And good luck to ya.
I personally love the retro look on the photos you post. Wouldn't you hate to be called a kid when you're fresh out of high school and you consider yourself a "man"?;)
Lol calm down guys, i think the picture is cool regardles of the camera, i dont know what it is but theres somthing i like about it ... i say stick with the oldie cams dont forget you would have digital without them :p
I appreciate the kind words and I honestly didnt mean kid as an insult... he could have called me senior citizen and I wouldn't have cared as long as it came with the discount..

I like you edit,,, Please feel free to edit anything I post.

Next time why not post it on here so the other two people who look at my pictures can see....

there are no right and wrong edits only different by the way...
You are still four years from Sr. citizen status. No cheap meals yet:wink:

It's a great shot. Very 20's - 30's look to it.

Which camera did you use and is it film or paper?
its film that cheap arista 4x5 cut down to 3x4 ... This wa sin a polaroid 160 that i converted to sheet film. Funny it is the only regular roll film model made by yashica they also made a 120 that was comperable to their top of the line roll film models.

this one has a slightly better lens than the polaroid made models. I don't quite have the infinity focus right yet, but it is close.
mysteryscribe said:
he could have called me senior citizen and I wouldn't have cared as long as it came with the discount...

This comment made my day!:lmao:

Great picture! I like the retro photo with the retro camera. To each photographer his own. Whatever makes each of us happy is what we should do :D
thanks I got that comment in an email and thought it was great. I have been waiting for a chance to use it.

Yes I like shooting retro it's more fun to me to do history than plastic but thats just me not pushing it on anyone else.

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