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Jun 18, 2011
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Hi, I'm Lyonesse Lady aka Pearl and I was active on the forum around 2011 when I was doing a Level One photography course with the Open University here in the UK. It was the first presentation of the course so there were a few hiccups! I rather fell out of the habit of doing much constructive stuff with my images although I didn't stop taking them. So now I'm retired, I'm starting to rediscover the joys of photography and have signed up rather optimistically for a 365 project online (although I tried it in 2012 and 2018 and didn't finish either).
I have two Nikon DSLRs (a D3300 and a D40), a Pentax X-5 bridge camera, a Lumix TZ70 and an ancient Canon T90 left me by my uncle-in-law. I shoot mainly landscapes, seascapes and nature.
Nice to be back :smug:
Enjoy your retirement.
Welcome back. Look forward to your input.
Welcome back! :) We're glad to have you back on board.

Looking forward to seeing your recent work. Keep posting and have fun!
Welcome back.
Welcome back!

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