Returning to Film Photography After 30 Years


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Jan 9, 2012
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Tennessee, USA
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Hi all, new member here.

When I was growing up my father and I used to develop and print 35mm film in our own darkroom. Now, after 30 years, I would like to return to film photography using medium format equipment. I have just purchased a Yashica Mat 124.

Initially, I will mail my negatives away to be developed and printed, then perhaps go it alone depending on my commitments etc. And this is where I get confused (probably to being 'rusty' after all these years). The Yashica is a 6x6 format camera, but mail order printing firms will generally print 120 film on 5"x4" paper.

I deliberately chose 6x6 because I like the square format, so why is it I can't get square prints? Doesn't that defeat the whole rationale of 6x6?

Please correct an misunderstandings I may have! Thanks.
Photo paper doesnt normally come in square format, when printin 6x6 youll have a border.

U might want to consider developing and scanning yourself, especially if u shoot b/w
I normally get 6x6 prints on 5x5 paper, doesn't seem to require any special request. I'd look for a place that offers that.


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