right eye or left?


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Apr 30, 2003
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what eye do you use ? and is your other eye open or closed?
- i shoot with my left eye and my right is sometimes open and sometimes squinting........just curious.......thanks for replies
:!: edit my dad had complained one day that some of his equipment was right eye biased- ie f5 (your nose hits the controls!)(big nose!!) so i asked why did he start using his left eye and not the right,,,,,,,he just told me he was legally blind in that eye :scratch:
I've never really thought about it.

But, it turns out I use my right eye and usually tend to have my left eye open most of the time.

Interesting question though...I'd like to hear how this varies from person to person.
I use good old lefty(since the right one is glass). sorry, just kidding. I use left and always close right.

I use my left eye and my right is usually open when I have to watch people. I'm also left handed and being that the left hand is controlled by the right side of the brain ........... I guess that makes me right in the head. Steve

I do close the right eye to focus though.
I'm left handed for writing and thats about all. I use right for throwing and catching and holdig the main weight of the camera and cutting with scissors.

For looking through the camera i use my right eye with my left eye closed. Interesting seeing how everyone does it
Both actually. Well, why look at the lcd with just one eye? :lol:

Okay, with a viewfinder I'm right-eyed, unless it's a fast moving subject when I'm just as likely to keep both eyes open until right before I trip the shutter. Helps me track moving objects better. Or at least it used to, I haven't tried it lately. :)

I use my right eye and close my left. An instructor in a photography class I took said that you should keep both eyes open, but I just can't get use to doing that. :wink:
for me it depends on the angle I have to shoot. Sometimes if I'm doing ultra closeups, I will have to switch eyes to get just the right angle I'm looking for. Most times though I shoot with my right eye in the viewfinder and left eye closed. For me, keeping both eyes open is a needless distraction, although when shooting sports it is certainly a good idea!!! ;-)
I use my right eye and close my left... and I think I noticed the crows feet on my left eye getting worse than my right!! LOL... might have to train myself to use both!
Nikki said:
I use my right eye and close my left... and I think I noticed the crows feet on my left eye getting worse than my right!! LOL... might have to train myself to use both!

I like this one already. we need more humor around here! :D

I'm very strange. My right eye is the one I always use even though it is a lot weaker than my left. The sight in my right eye, with glasses is just about strong enough to hold a driving licence. Also with glasses the sight in my left eye is good enough to read all the letters on the opticians board. I suppose its a bad habit I've got into. I will have to experiment with my left eye.

My right eye probably sees everything as soft focus :wink:
I usually look through the view finder with my left eye and close my right eye, but because I read this the other day I decided to try keeping them both open. I liked it. I find if I'm trying to get a composition just right and I'm looking through the vf for a long period of time my eye starts to bug me and sometimes impair my judgment as far as the focus goes. That's not the case when I keep both eyes open.

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