Ring Tone for the Deaf

haha thats funny, why dont the kids just turn it on vibrate though? kids these days...
i saw this sound being demonstrated on the television a few weeks back. I'm 29 and couldn't hear a thing but my younger sister could. very strange
omeletteman said:
haha thats funny, why dont the kids just turn it on vibrate though? kids these days...

??? My thoughts exactly.
I read about that a few weeks ago. I did the test and I couldn't hear it.

It does make me wonder though....when I was on my meetup, Joe and Scott were talking about the whining noise that TVs make when they are on, but not on a channel. I couldn't, for the life of me, hear it, but both of them could. Now, they are both older than the age listed in that article, but younger than me...so...maybe that's why I coudln't hear it? Hmmmmm. :p
Damn, after all the rock and roll concerts :headbang:, playing in a ska band, and pumpin up the jam in my car.. I can still hear it! (28 in a week)
I know I'm not the only one that can walk by a house and 'hear' if the t.v. is on or not...I'd trade this power for x-ray vision though.
Unimaxium said:
Hehe yeah I can always tell when a TV is on too.
I can even tell when my neighbors TV is on when I'm in my back yard. I have really weird hearing though. The ringtone thing about blew my eardrums out.

Michael.............say what?
once the silia go, there ain't no way of getting them back....that's why i wear earplugs at concerts now (and go figure, now they're hip).
:shock: OW MY EARS. Ugh. Yeah, I can hear that!

I am also one who can hear a TV on, a fan in the distance, etc and it drives me nuts!
It's been proven! I'm not deaf! lol. I can definitely hear that high-pitched tone and I can also tell when a TV is on. A couple days ago, I had my headphones in and my mom said she could hear them. I said I could barely hear them and my dad says "well then we have a problem". I actually could hear them, I don't know why I said that. iPod headphones are cheap and you can't leave your volume to the max for a long time, or they'll blow. I bet neither of them can hear this high-pitched tone though.

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