Rock Band photo shoot


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Mar 8, 2006
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Would love to know what you think of these shots of my friends up and coming band: NOTE: Resolution is not the best as I have limited space on my gallery site.




i like them all , only suggestion is to clone out the honda civic in the parking lot... lol but hey it IS a public playground not much you can do ... lol

in the second pic I like how they are all in a row on the stairs.... they look a lot lighter than the background, but for band portraits there are almost no rules right, overall they look very interesting and thats probably the key.....
I like them all, as well. Especially like the blue tones of the first one.

They're all good for different reasons, so they should be pleased with the selection here. :thumbup: Good job.
Thanks for the compliments and opinions.

The one of them on the stairs is actually them in colour and the background in black and white. They had seen my work before and loved this and asked for it.

The one in the playground is actually mcdonalds indoor playland, I was trying to create a "dreamy" softer look. I am not too impressed with this one.

What do you think of the fisheye affect of #4?
Went back & looked at #2 again! I didnt even notice the b&w background 1st time... very cool... wish i knew how to do that!!! Im not a big fan of fish eye...probably because i dont have one! Not sure about the maccas playground? But love 1,3,4 of new shots... #3 seems a bit 'too' posed for me & is has the guy far left having a blink? xx... #4 - very cool xx but i think original #1 is still my fave. Great shots, bet the band love them x
Are they a Rock Band or a group of nice guys. I do like the a3 and b1 they look like rock band there. They other shots look like they are just a bunch on guys.

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