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Jan 8, 2006
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Were the different Rolleicord leather cases VERY specific to the different Rolleicord models?

I recently bought a Rolleicord III (vers. 2) that came with a case. Once I got home, though, and tried to put the camera IN the case, it didn't QUITE fit.

The thing metal 'lugs' on the camera that (seem) to connect to a strap don't quite line up with the corresponding holes in the case. The little metal feet also seem like they aren't supposed to be on the camera when cased (do they come off?)

It's so close to fitting, I'm wondering if I'm just missing something simple??
OR, I'm wondering if the case goes with a different but similar Rollei at the same sale.

THANKS in advance.
I'm not sure, Mad-town. My Rolleicord fits in the case very snug--the first few times I had to work hard to get it to fit right. Are you sure everything's lined up correctly?

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