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Mar 30, 2009
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hi freinds
my Q is :in rolleiflex f ,can replace norml around lens with white face?
It's possible, I think. But why?
It's possible, I think. But why?
ok,recently i purchased 2.8f with planar lense white face s/n 295++++and immportant case is :top of camera s/n242++++. the other hand this camera have two serial very clean and like you help me for solve this case? thanks and sorry for my english
Are you worried about the camera having been repaired with parts from another camera? Or that the top and bottom lenses have different serial numbers?

Have you shot any film through it and had prints made? If so, how do they look?

Or, were you buying a collectors item and are concerned whether or not you have a good example of the camera?
yes,i worry about change around lens or top plate.i shot one roll b&w film and result very inside and out very clean and like new,i cant understand this problem.
Are you collecting this camera or using it to shoot?
i shoot with dslr . collect rollei for nostalgia but i like this original and perfect condition.

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