Room for Two


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May 11, 2006
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took this one today, was board and i was sitting how i took the pic and though it made a good pic, enjoy
I like this. Seem to see quite a lot of bench shots, but I really like this :)

I think it's the close crop and the curves of the foreground opposing the straight lines of the background. Great use of the rule of thirds :thumbup:
wt close up crop?:lol::lol:

i think i over exposed the sitting part ,glad you like it
I like bench shots a lot, think I would try cropping the top off, maybe even below that white cross bar
That OK, but I was think of more of crop some off the top, just tried crop I was imaging and it did not work well, the your first post is starting to look like the best crop IMO
I think this is good. Looks like you cropped a little off of the right side. Maybe just a tiny little bit more, so you don't see any of that "loop" at the end of the rail.

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