RZ67 shutter speeds not changing, fresh battery, white dot - broken lens/body? Video inside


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Jan 8, 2014
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Hi folks, my RZ67 + 110mm 2.8 lens is acting very strange. I recently shot a bracketed roll -1 to +8 (by changing shutter speed from 1/400 to 1.5s) and every single frame had identical exposure, and the negative came out extremely dense (but that is a problem for another day). I looked at my shutter blades and realized no matter what shutter speed I choose, it closes in a split millisecond. Here is video proof:

I put in a fresh battery, have the power switch to white dot, T lever to "normal" position, the mirror lockup screw is all the way down so no red ring, the dark slide is out, gold contacts on lens rear and body mount cleaned. Is my camera broken?!
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Have you tried another lens? Well, if you have one.

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