Samsung digimax A40 - anyone used?

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by richarduk, Jan 24, 2007.

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    Jan 24, 2007
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    My first digital camera is a Samsung Digimax A40 which is great BUT I can't find any way of turning off the double flash. I'm not even sure if it's technically possible to do so. I only want a single flash.

    The problem with a double flash (the first flash is for checking shooting conditions apparently) is that a) everyone has their eyes closed by the time the second flash fires b) the second flash can be up to half a second after the first, so the action has moved on by half a second c) everyone is alerted to what's going on so there are no more spontaneous moments

    Surely it's possible to have just one flash? I simply can't find instructions anywhere in the manual. Has anyone used this camera and found a way of doing this?

    Thankyou in advance



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