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Feb 4, 2005
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Planet Carolyn..Cool should visit!
Going through some older photos and trying to figure out what to keep....Does this one do anything for ya?


Thanks for lookin'

wow... first, i love the black and white contrast with them...also, they make me think very retro....kinda dean martin/frank sinatra era..

love the look in her eyes on the first, you can tell she is trying to convey something... her look is very haunting...

the others make me think starlett on the edge... just very almost
jackie o ..or doris day in her back in the day-day time...

i love the look to them.....the last shot makes me think quiet desperation... determined, but lost...

i think you have done well carolyn.... i would hang these suckers and be proud of them...!!!
That's disturbing stuff.... My favorite is the 3rd, looks like salvation will be found inside the bottle.

Maybe a little more contrast will improve the feel of them, otherwise they are great. :thumbup:
Thanks everyone.....I appreciate all your comments....I'm going to set these aside for a while and then try to come back to them with a fresh eye......and then work on them! Nothing I can do about the crop......those are the shots I took so I'm stuck with that however I think I can work with the contrast and tones to improve those.....Thanks again for the comments....they help a lot! : )

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