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Jun 27, 2005
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North Carolina
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With this shot the one thing that is really bothering me is the out of focus area (is it bokeh if its in the front?) between the eyes. Other than that what would you all recommend doing? I used a Canon 550ex flash with this shot. I just bought it off of e-bay and he hasn't sent the manual yet so I'm kind of like, "Hey look, a flash..." so any advice as to what I could do differenly with it would be appreciated too, though it's probably hard to do that with this photo.

Camera: Canon 5D
Lens: 100mm f/2.8
ISO: 100

(I'm also going to post 2 more from this series in the nature section if you want to look at those as well)


the blurry areas enhance the eyes really well - but is that what you were trying to do?
awesome shot. some of the best shots are 70% out of focus, and the 30% that is in focus is poignant. this is a texbook case. even though you wern't tryin, the shot is done really well.

also, that the photo looses detail completely at the top and bottom (due to lighting & focus respectively), makes the picture all the better.
i find the out of focus nose distracting, it would have looked better if it was in focus along with the eyes
I agree that the out of focus nose is a distraction, however i think (as "seven" suggested) if cropped differently that could be used to an advantage. I'd put the fcussed eye nearer the center and have the out of focus nose half cropped off the right hand image edge. Keep those whiskers though!

Nice shot.

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